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There is nothing like working alongside the person who knows you best, and can practically read your mind.

Jake also loves people and gravitates to all things fun. He has a unique ability to accept every person for who they are, and words of encouragement are his number one love language.

And yes, what you are seeing is correct-- Jake and Cynthia sang karaoke at their own wedding.

HuBBY;second shooter


Owner; lead shooter


meet the artists

We are both Enneagram 7's
"the enthusiast"

fun facts about us:

If singing karaoke paid, we'd be rich

We live on coffee & Jesus (we love serving at Life.Church!)

Nights at home involve ping pong, board games or shuttling around children

We love to bargain shop

Cynthia loves life and wants everyone around her to have a good time. She has a natural happiness and lights up any room she enters. Others often say it's not as fun when she's not around.

She believes in optimism, integrity and bringing joy to others. Wondering if she's a glass half empty or half full kind of gal? It's always half full and has strawberry lemonade in it! 


we're a vibe