So here we meet Taylor Swift’s twin… okay just kidding but she does look a lot like her, does she not?! Peyton is a senior at Andover Central High, dances outside of school, and plans on attending either OU or KU next year. This girl was SO trendy; I was in love with all her […]

I had the joy and pleasure of capturing senior Kale of Andover Central High this past fall! What is neat is that I was able to capture his older sister, Emily a couple years back as well! Kale is an upstanding young man with a wonderful heart. And comes from one of my favorite families […]

Met Tave and Tulro Friesen of Andover Central High! Yes they are twins but so different! I have gone to church with these guys for several years and been able to watch them come from the little shy boys to the confident handsome men they are today! Their session started at the Andover Central Football […]

Isn’t this a good looking kid? Meet one of my brother-in-law’s, Graham Whiteside, senior at Andover Central High! Even if he wasn’t my brother, I would tell you that Graham is one of the best drummers I know. Self taught, he has been playing for 13 years total. He was the 2nd freshman in school […]

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