This was our last session for the 2019 CW Squad and it was bittersweet! Each of these girls have been amazing to work with. They were so upbeat, ready to try fun ideas, encouraging and beautiful! It’s amazing how far they came throughout the year as their confidence blossomed in front of the camera. This […]

It’s winter! So what better idea than to bring in the senior reps for some studio head shots? I let them come in whatever outfit they wanted, and one even brought a cat! I love studio sessions because it provides a controlled environment with a more sophisticated look, allowing them to have a completely different […]

Well, when life gives you lemons, right? This was the second time we had tried to schedule one of our themed shoots and it snowed on us! So this time we took a vote and decided to roll with it. It was 20 degrees and was windyyyyyyy so it felt like 15. But they were […]

A couple weeks ago, my 2019 Senior Reps joined me at Sante Fe Lake for a quick “beach session!” These girls have been amazing so far. So compliant, beautiful and fun! We shot mostly on the beach and the dock, and at the end, some of the girls were even willing to get in the […]

After dozens of applications, it was hard but I narrowed it down to 8 lovely ladies for my 2019 CW Squad! I can’t even tell you how wonderful it was to work with each and every one of these beautiful ladies last week at our first session. We were very grateful for Karen With Love and Company coming […]

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