Meet Matt and Meg! This adorable couple met on!! I think it’s awesome how I have been hearing more and more couples meet this way. It totally makes sense in a busy day in age! Also I think it’s cute when couples say they will be awkward but then aren’t at all! The best […]

Would you look at this adorable couple? They look like they are straight out of vogue. This couple has been dating since high school, where they originally met in the Buckle. “Over winter break my sophomore year, I had gone shopping at the mall with my family, ” Mattie said. “My mom kept bugging us […]

Zac and Baylee have been dating for a little over TEN years. Zac proposed on their 8th anniversary at Botanica on December 23, 2016. Baylee had no idea that it would happen because everything was planned as usual for their “anniversary date”. “We planned to go to Botanica to see the Christmas lights before going […]

Hannah said she knew he would propose soon because her ring was made using diamonds from her mom’s old wedding ring. “He wanted it to still be sort of a surprise and made it kind of an engagement week,” Hannah said. “We went out and did different stuff everyday. Things we always did, new things, […]

This sweet couple is engaged! Mattie and Alex first met on Halloween three years ago. At the time, Mattie was living in Wichita with a roommate, and Alex lived in Beloit, KS and worked with the roommate’s brother. Her roommate’s brother mentioned that he was coming to Wichita for the holiday, so Alex asked if […]

Say hello to Christian and Caroline! Christian is my brother-in-law (my husband’s younger brother) and so Caroline will be my sister-in-law soon! Caroline told me that they first met the very first day of Butler headliners, and then spent a couple hours talking at Sonic later that day. She said she thought he was pretty […]

Meet Jordan and Mike! Jordan and I actually went to high school together at Andover back in the day so when she contacted me I was so excited! She then went on to tell me the proposal story, which is a little non-traditional, and I was hooked! I tend to not do things traditionally, and […]

Meet Danielle and Austin! This couple lives in Texas but since Danielle grew up here and all her family is here, they will be having their wedding in Kansas this August! So while they were in town, we did their wedding consult and engagement session all in one day! This couple was so fun to […]

And the cutest couple award goes to… Sandra and Adam! Where do I even start? Sandra and Adam’s session was held at Riverside Park in Wichita, where we had an abundance of fall leaves and foliage, and the best weather we could ask for. From the get go, Sandra told me (like all couples say) […]

Say hello to Aaron and Alex! These two love birds first met at the Brickyard Bar in Wichita! Both these guys were so adorable, happy and easy-going! We had the most beautiful night ever and the light was perfect! We started out at the Brickyard, where there was endless bright and awesome backgrounds, and we […]

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