Alright here we have it! As requested, here is a LONG list of all the wedding venues and churches we have shot at in Wichita (in alphabetical order)! This list goes all the way back to 2013. Now, because there were 61 (not counting individual homes for backyard weddings), it would have taken hours upon […]

Say hello to this gorgeous fun couple, Chasity and Jabril Solomon! Chasity and Jabril met at Hutchinson Community College. Jabril was a football player and Chasity was on the dance team that year. After seeing each other around, one day Chasity just walked right up to Jabril and told him to put his number in […]

Meet one of our favorite couples, Tyler and Tarah Isbell! Seriously this wedding was so much fun, and Tyler and Tarah were nothing but a pure joy to be around! Everywhere they went, they were always smiling, and seemed to just feed off each other’s energy. Tyler and Tarah’s first met in their high school […]

Meet Hannah and Cody Whitehair! If you recognize Cody or his name it is because he is a NFL lineman for the Chicago Bears. The day of the wedding was the first time we had met Cody or Hannah, as they were both out of state at the time of our consultation. Hannah actually traveled for the […]

Meet Tyler and Tarah! This couple was so easy and fun to work with. We did their engagement session at the same location that their wedding will be at– Fulton Valley Farms in Towanda, KS. We had quite a gang with us too! Tyler’s mom, Tarah’s mom and Tarah’s best friend came holding tissues, extra […]

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