Meet Matt and Meg! This adorable couple met on!! I think it’s awesome how I have been hearing more and more couples meet this way. It totally makes sense in a busy day in age! Also I think it’s cute when couples say they will be awkward but then aren’t at all! The best […]

When you meet someone who is a local celebrity, it makes you feel like you are part celebrity too, doesn’t it?! Alyson Acklin, anchor at KAKE News, first reached out to me via Instagram inquiring for her big day. From day one, she has been so excited and awesome to work with. After we met […]

Would you look at this adorable couple? They look like they are straight out of vogue. This couple has been dating since high school, where they originally met in the Buckle. “Over winter break my sophomore year, I had gone shopping at the mall with my family, ” Mattie said. “My mom kept bugging us […]

Meet my old co-worker from the Wichita Gymnastics Club (back in the DaY!) Courtney and her sweet hubby Kameron! I was SO stoked when Courtney reached out to me wanting an anniversary session with her husband. It had been years since we connected! Courtney and Kameron first met and started dating in 2014. She was […]

Meet the most beautiful expecting mamma ever, Brianna and her lovely family! If I could choose two words to describe this family it would be laid back. Throughout the entire session, they were nothing but go with the flow. With young kids in family sessions, it can be stressful worrying about how perfect they are […]

Meet the newly engaged Seth and Bayli! I have known Seth for years from our church Hope, and the moment he first brought Bayli to church, everyone was captivated! The two of them are seriously the cutest. Seth and Bayli first met in Manhattan through their friend Marcus, who invited them both to a small […]

I swear the whole time I was shooting at this session I kept thinking, “she looks like she just stepped out of a magazine.” For real! This girl was gorgeous. On the inside and out. Jayden attends Augusta High, where she is involved in Big Brothers Big Sisters, Health Science Early College Academy and Spanish […]

They were friends forever. To the point where asking her if it could go any deeper was like taking a leap off a giant cliff hoping to be caught. And he was. Chris asked Carolyn if she had ever thought to be anything more than friends right there on the sidewalk trails of Keeper of the […]

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