Alright here we have it! As requested, here is a LONG list of all the wedding venues and churches we have shot at in Wichita (in alphabetical order)! This list goes all the way back to 2013. Now, because there were 61 (not counting individual homes for backyard weddings), it would have taken hours upon […]

Mattie and Alex! Wow were you guys so much fun to work with. Have I told the story on how they first met? I just love it. The first time Alex met Mattie was when he came in town to stay with her roommate at their apartment. She answered the door in pajamas, looking not […]

Katie and Bart, where do I start? This couple looked as good together as a Hollywood couple in a magazine. Talented, classy, one of a kind. Those are the words I would use to describe this stellar couple. Katie and Bart first met in the cruise industry. Bart was a booking agent for cruise musicians […]

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