I love Halloween! It’s a time when we get to eat lots of candy, say hi to our neighbors and see all the cuties dressed up! This year I found a different backdrop for the mini sessions, which entailed a white brick wall with pretty green vines. I set up the Halloween/fall decor in front […]

Wow. This might have been my favorite mini session yet. I was at my grandma’s house at Thanksgiving and spotted a mini Carousel horse in her basement. I told her if she ever got rid of it, I would gladly take it. Low and behold she told me I could have it that same day! […]

Popcorn, tickets, a carousel. Sound familiar? Last weekend I had the pleasure of shooting Trevor’s one year session with the cutest theme ever: carnival! The session took place at their home, where she had two different set ups, one in the basement and one upstairs. She had a little cupcake stand, cupcakes made with animal toothpicks, […]

Well it’s almost Easter! We had a full day of Easter mini’s last Saturday in the studio. I wanted to do something different this year, so I decided to make giant paper flowers for the theme! The flowers were not that hard to make, just tedious. Despite their tendency to have a mind of their own […]

A couple weeks ago we had our much-anticipated GLITTER mini’s! Now, I expected it to get messy but will say I was surprised just how messy it got and how fast it managed to cover every inch of my studio! Really. You should have seen it. But the whole process was so much fun! I loved […]

We did something new this time with a floral-type themed mini session out at Eastborough Park. We had a little wood swing (made by my sweet husband) that I hung, a floral hot air balloon (made by one of my clients, the Vickery’s) and some head bands for the girls to wear. The girls had […]

We don’t do kids a whole lot anymore but we do still offer mini sessions every now and then, so I had to blog this year’s Christmas sessions! The theme was “Milk and Cookies.” I will say these were much easier than I expected! Kids got to come in their comfy PJ’s, they got to […]

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