Well, when life gives you lemons, right? This was the second time we had tried to schedule one of our themed shoots and it snowed on us! So this time we took a vote and decided to roll with it. It was 20 degrees and was windyyyyyyy so it felt like 15. But they were […]

A couple weeks ago, my 2019 Senior Reps joined me at Sante Fe Lake for a quick “beach session!” These girls have been amazing so far. So compliant, beautiful and fun! We shot mostly on the beach and the dock, and at the end, some of the girls were even willing to get in the […]

It has been TOO long since I’ve blogged but I needed to share my first awesome senior rep session! These girls were chosen out of dozens that were submitted to me based on personalities, involvement, and confidence. It was a lot harder to choose than I thought it would be! I was so pleased with […]

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