10 years ago this month was when I first declared my photography business! At the time, my mom and I ran the company together under the name “Sweetpea Photography.” I was almost done with college, working at Channel 12, with the goal of working my way to be a journalist. I had no idea how […]

The Wichita Bridal Expo is this weekend! Are you engaged and going? Some say it can be overwhelming, but I think if you know what it’s going to be like going in, it’s really a lot of fun! Here are some tips that I have picked up on from past shows: Make a wedding e-mail […]

Isn’t it funny how since we obviously think our child is the most adorable thing ever that when they do something in public for the first time, you catch yourself looking around to see if anyone just saw that– only to often realize no one cares or saw but you. Fine guys but it really […]

It’s 2018 friends! Yesterday I posted about the best of 2017 weddings (Read here) but today I wanted to do a personal post as well! Some people do Christmas letters but when you have a blog, I realized it’s a lot easier! A lot happened this past year. Lyla Grace turned one in September, and […]

My little sister’s engaged! It’s so fun to say those words out loud! So let me tell you about Manda. If I had to describe her in ONE word, it would be HAPPY. She is pretty much always smiling, has the most beautiful long hair ever (that apparently didn’t get passed down to me- no […]

I know that this is cliche, but I CAN’T BELIEVE MY DAUGHTER IS ONE! It flew by. Just flew. This little girl that I thought surely would be a boy changed our whole world. I remember Brandon and I saying to each other we weren’t sure how we could love anything as much as we […]

I love Expo’s. Overall, it was a great show! I met tons of beautiful brides, made friends with some vendors, ate lots of good food, and had the best spot! Located in between two places giving away food, my booth sat in the middle of the event and in sight of the fashion stage- woo hoo! It was […]

Alright have you heard? These are the new hottest trends predicted for 2017 according to the Wedding Wire and the Bridal Guide. Some of these are awesome and some are a little out there! Do you plan on incorporating any of these trends this year? Greenery and flowers Floral backdrops Sheer and revealing wedding dresses Bridesmaid […]

I hadn’t thought about it until the New Year passed, but realized 2016 was quite a year!  A lot goes on behind the scenes that you might not know about. We had some challenges, new beginnings, and exciting milestones! Here is a list of what I would consider my top 10 moments from the past year. 1. I […]

I’m so excited to be doing this post! My grandpa Frank, of 86 years, and his girlfriend Sue decided to tie the knot after 14 YEARS of dating! They were married at the Kingman Court House last week. It was one of the sweetest weddings I’ve ever seen! I learned that they were originally set up by […]

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