Alright here we have it! As requested, here is a LONG list of all the wedding venues and churches we have shot at in Wichita (in alphabetical order)! This list goes all the way back to 2013. Now, because there were 61 (not counting individual homes for backyard weddings), it would have taken hours upon […]

Definitely one of the most beautiful weddings and couples we’ve captured this year! Sara and Dillon Reigel tied the knot this past October at the Bartlett Arboretum in Belle Plaine, KS with a small reception to follow at the Belle Plaine event center. When I first met Sara and Dillon back at their engagement session, […]

Meet Senior Kassie of Andover High! Kassie is a sweet, theater-loving senior who also boxes! Yes boxes! When I first met Kassie and her mother, I felt like they looked familiar and I could never figure it out. But I think I know now! Kassie looks like someone famous. Not like a specific celebrity, but like […]

Lauren Paige, senior at Trinity, was MADE for photo shoots! Prepared with 6 outfits, a ton of accessories and her awesome parents who carried everything, we blew through an hour and 45 minute session out at the Bartlett Arboretum. We ventured farther into the arboretum than I had been before, and found some cool signs, buildings and […]

Last week I had the privilege of capturing one of my OLD middle school girls at our church, who is now going to be a SENIOR this year at Sunrise Christian Academy– Miss Hope Eckley! She is actually the middle of three Eckley girls. I shot her oldest sister Morgan a couple years ago, and look […]

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