This beauty! Annelise, I have watched grown up since her middle school days when I was her small group leader at church. If I had to pick one word to describe this young lady, it would be STRONG. One thing she has known she wanted for a couple years now was that she wanted to […]

I got to meet my first niece a couple weeks ago! Her name is Kittridge Dalene Gouvion. She goes by Kit. And her middle name, Dalene, is my mother and I’s middle name as well, so that was a sweet surprise! She graced the world on September 12th at 10:06 am. Since I am her […]

Meet Gisselle Guzman, 2020 senior of Kapaun Mt. Carmel in Wichita, KS! I am so excited to have Gisselle as part of my CW Squad this year. Man, this girl is sweet and mature as can be. I just love her! A little about Gisselle. She plays Volleyball and manages the basketball team at Kapaun. […]

Every year I look forward to these!  You know how it goes- some kids cry, some kids are elated, some kids stare. I love every reaction. We had two different days of mini’s. Both were supposed to be held at the Windy Knoll Tree Farm in Wichita however one day it was stormy so we […]

Sarah and Casey everyone! What a beautiful, classy couple. Sarah is a teacher in Newton and Casey works in Wichita as a Commercial Manager for the K and O Railroad for WATCO companies. The two were set up by a close friend and hit it off. Nineteen months later, before an Ed Sheeran concert in […]

If there was an award for bravest senior, I think Camila would win. Our session took place on a Saturday morning in 20 degree weather WITH wind so she was… freezing. I felt so bad! Her mom and her decided to power through it so we did and let me tell you, she ROCKED it! […]

This is like the coolest couple ever! Jordan said she tends to not do things quite traditionally, so “in the spirit of non-tradition,” she actually proposed to Mike, while getting ready for work one morning. And he said yes! Jordan and Mike decided to do a low-key intimate wedding in front of the stone arch […]

After dozens of applications, it was hard but I narrowed it down to 8 lovely ladies for my 2019 CW Squad! I can’t even tell you how wonderful it was to work with each and every one of these beautiful ladies last week at our first session. We were very grateful for Karen With Love and Company coming […]

Meet the newly engaged Seth and Bayli! I have known Seth for years from our church Hope, and the moment he first brought Bayli to church, everyone was captivated! The two of them are seriously the cutest. Seth and Bayli first met in Manhattan through their friend Marcus, who invited them both to a small […]

Meet the newly weds Mr. and Mrs. Boswell! Elizabeth and Seth were the cutest, most down to earth, in-love couple I have ever seen! Both of them were radiating with joy the entire day. Elizabeth and Seth met through mutual friends at Kansas State University in the Spring of 2016. They went on their first date on Manhattan Hill […]

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