Elyse and Drake. What a fun couple! This country wedding took place at the Round Barn in Derby, KS. The ceremony took place behind the barn, with hail bails lined up for seats and a lovely little house set up as the center backdrop. And the reception took place first in the banquet hall, where toasts and […]

Meet the super sweet Alex and Anna! I loved getting to know this genuine Christian couple. They were truly head over heels for each other and I don’t think I ever heard them say a negative word once. This couple’s traditional ceremony was held at the University of Congregation Church- with a beautiful well lit […]

Meet Hannah and Cody Whitehair! If you recognize Cody or his name it is because he is a NFL lineman for the Chicago Bears. The day of the wedding was the first time we had met Cody or Hannah, as they were both out of state at the time of our consultation. Hannah actually traveled for the […]

Oh I loved everything about this intimate wedding. First off, I am very grateful to Nick and Melissa Mueller, our good friends, who recommended us to Brett (his brother) for their wedding. It was an honor! Literally everything about this wedding was near perfection. I loved the location, which was held at Samantha’s home in Hillsboro (that […]

A month ago, we had the pleasure of doing our first semi-destination wedding in Independence, KS for Brandon and Lauren Kelley! The ceremony and reception took place at Lauren’s parent’s property and it was beautiful. Home weddings might be my new favorite venue– not only is it a sentimental location for the couple, but it is a place where literally no […]

One month ago, we had the honor of photographing the Keefe’s wedding! Their ceremony and reception took place at Walter’s Farm in Burns, KS. Fresh sunflowers (arranged all by her aunt) along with wood, burlap and lace were everywhere you looked. It was hot but not too bad in the shade with the breeze. Seeing Ian’s face […]

A couple weeks ago I met with Chasity and Jabril for their engagement session at Fulton Valley Farms in Towanda, KS! Fulton will also be where their wedding will also be next June. It was the first time I had been to that venue and I fell in love right from the start! They have […]

Meet the newly wed Fox’s! Michael and Alyssa’s big day occurred about a month ago at Abode in Wichita, KS. The couple was so fun to work with. Alyssa was laid back, stress-free, and was ALWAYS smiling! I don’t know about you but I think she looks a lot like Carrie Underwood lol. Maybe, yes, no? My […]

A couple weeks ago we had our much-anticipated GLITTER mini’s! Now, I expected it to get messy but will say I was surprised just how messy it got and how fast it managed to cover every inch of my studio! Really. You should have seen it. But the whole process was so much fun! I loved […]

Last week I got to work with the super sweet couple Anna and Alex for their engagement session! We met in Old Town, Wichita first and the next day went over to Botanica Gardens for the second half of their session. Besides being super cute and easy to pose, something that really stood out about this couple […]

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