Alright here we have it! As requested, here is a LONG list of all the wedding venues and churches we have shot at in Wichita (in alphabetical order)! This list goes all the way back to 2013. Now, because there were 61 (not counting individual homes for backyard weddings), it would have taken hours upon […]

Meet the gorgeous Ali and her now-husband Jay!! This wedding was absolutely gorgeous. The ceremony and reception both took place at Stone Hill Barn in Augusta, KS. Filled with greenery and warm colors of orange and red, the wedding was simplistic and serene. Ali and I were best friends in high school, so I have […]

A couple weeks back we had the pleasure of shooting with Sarah and Clayton- now Mr. and Mrs. Lorg! Held at the Stone Hill Barn, their big day was accented by lovely purples and oranges. Sarah and Clayton were so pleasant to work with, and were surrounded by loving friends and family that day. There […]

Say hello to Emily and Dalton, the cutest and happiest couple ever! Surrounded by sunflowers, the couple was married at one of my new favorite locations, the Stonehill Barn in Augusta, KS. Emily and Dalton dated for SIX years before he popped the question, so this was a long time coming for them! And I […]

I had the privilege of shooting Matt and Macy’s gorgeous wedding a couple weeks back at the Stone Hill Barn in Augusta, KS! It had been a while since I shot solo but it just made me that much more determined to do the best that I could for them! This was also the first time […]

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