Alright here we have it! As requested, here is a LONG list of all the wedding venues and churches we have shot at in Wichita (in alphabetical order)! This list goes all the way back to 2013. Now, because there were 61 (not counting individual homes for backyard weddings), it would have taken hours upon […]

Meet Sydney and Mason! Sydney is one of the kindest, laid back, freaking cool chicks I’ve ever met! Her and Mason make one super sweet couple. Their wedding was held at Prairie Hill Vineyard last month, and I had never seen that place more gorgeous. Everything was in bloom and we had a perfect day. […]

I have known each of these two for years! It made my heart so happy to hear they connected. Megan and Phil’s wedding took place at Hope Community Church this August. Megan is seriously the most organized person I’ve ever met. She had this wedding down to a science. The timeline, the decor, the emergency […]

This was a wedding close to my heart! My cousin Ty (childhood best friend) and his new WIFE Amanda tied the knot a month ago at Rustic Timbers and it was glorious. These two are the cutest. With Amanda’s spunk and Ty’s spontaneity, there is never a dull moment with these two! It rained on […]

Sarah and Casey. Where do I begin? Sarah is the most kind warm hearted individual who’s smile lights up the entire room. Casey is the most loving man who treats not only Sarah but everyone around him with the utmost respect and graciousness. Together they make the most awesome power couple. The amount of people […]

Mattie and Alex! Wow were you guys so much fun to work with. Have I told the story on how they first met? I just love it. The first time Alex met Mattie was when he came in town to stay with her roommate at their apartment. She answered the door in pajamas, looking not […]

Bayli and Seth are one of my favorite couples! I have gone to church with Seth for many years. I remember swimming at their awesome pool in summers, traveling to youth retreats together and always respecting his family so much. Then he found the most beautiful, kind woman in the world! Their ceremony took place […]

Meet the sweetest people alive, Sandra and her husband Adam! Sandra and Adam met at Optometry school (hence the engraved lens that she brought for me to incorporate in her detail shots!) where they first hit it off! He graduated first, they lived long distance for a while, then she finished school and planned a […]

You can say Erica and Justin were a long time coming! The couple first went on a date in June of 2013, were engaged on Christmas eve of 2016, and finally tied the knot two weeks ago at the Madison Avenue Central Park in Derby, KS! Everything about their wedding was lovely from the venue to […]

Meet the newly weds Mr. and Mrs. Boswell! Elizabeth and Seth were the cutest, most down to earth, in-love couple I have ever seen! Both of them were radiating with joy the entire day. Elizabeth and Seth met through mutual friends at Kansas State University in the Spring of 2016. They went on their first date on Manhattan Hill […]

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