Guys, the blog is back! It has been WAYYYYY too long. Some of you know about life curveballs, right? (Corona came, I got a day job, moved houses, went through a big life change, etc.- it was crazy!). But now that things have calmed down some, it is time to start this back up! Up […]

These two! Nathaniel and Deanna first met in Colorado Springs at a job training. After Colorado, they spent two years in Amsterdam working for an organization called the Navigators. “[That] is where we really got to know each other and became really close friends,” Deanna said. “We started dating on December 5, 2018, 10 days […]

When you meet someone who is a local celebrity, it makes you feel like you are part celebrity too, doesn’t it?! Alyson Acklin, anchor at KAKE News, first reached out to me via Instagram inquiring for her big day. From day one, she has been so excited and awesome to work with. After we met […]

Caitlyn and Justin are such a cute story! Justin is 12 years older than Caitlyn, and has known her and her family forever. He watched patiently as she went through life, dated other guys, and had her sweet daughter Lily. Then at the right time, he finally asked her mother permission to date Caitlyn. Her […]

Meet my cousin Tyler and his beautiful fiance Amanda! Tyler is the funnest, down to earth, spontaneous, hard working red-head you will ever meet! Ty and I were really close growing up (we are only two weeks apart). We used to joke that if we didn’t find anyone to marry someday that we would live […]

Meet high school sweethearts Lauren and Mark! These two have been dating for seven years, and Mark proposed in the same spot he asked her to first be his girlfriend- at the golf course in her parent’s old neighborhood! So naturally, they found it fitting to have their engagement session be there as well! We’re […]

Meet the newly engaged Seth and Bayli! I have known Seth for years from our church Hope, and the moment he first brought Bayli to church, everyone was captivated! The two of them are seriously the cutest. Seth and Bayli first met in Manhattan through their friend Marcus, who invited them both to a small […]

Meet Jordan and Mike! Jordan and I actually went to high school together at Andover back in the day so when she contacted me I was so excited! She then went on to tell me the proposal story, which is a little non-traditional, and I was hooked! I tend to not do things traditionally, and […]

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