Guys, the blog is back! It has been WAYYYYY too long. Some of you know about life curveballs, right? (Corona came, I got a day job, moved houses, went through a big life change, etc.- it was crazy!). But now that things have calmed down some, it is time to start this back up! Up […]

Meet Matt and Meg! This adorable couple met on!! I think it’s awesome how I have been hearing more and more couples meet this way. It totally makes sense in a busy day in age! Also I think it’s cute when couples say they will be awkward but then aren’t at all! The best […]

Patsy and Julio first met in a shoe store of all places! They added each other on social media, and with time started dating on Valentine’s day. She actually had plans to move out of state after high school, but couldn’t stand the thought of being away from Julio, so she stayed! The two decided […]

Alex wanted the proposal to be a surprise so he spent the time necessary making sure it was the right time. On the day he proposed, Allison and Alex went to lunch with some friends and then went to Botanica Gardens to look at Jack o lanterns. When they arrived there were kids swarming the gardens […]

I have known both these two for years!! So when I found out that the two of them were together, it made my heart so happy. Megan said the two met on a (mostly) blind date in September of 2016. (She did her research on Facebook she said ha!) The first several months they dated […]

“We were on vacation at Lake Powell, in Utah, with friends,” Danielle said. “We are big into the lake and boating. My fiance was surfing on the back of the boat, with the ring in his back pocket, he knelt and proposed. He actually fell on his first attempt and I didn’t even notice the […]

Meet Katie and Bart! These two. Are so cute. And can you say classy looking?! Katie said this of her proposal: We were in Florida visiting his parents. He wanted to stop at a lake and watch the sunset, and he brought along his guitar (which wasn’t that weird because he does that a lot). […]

My little sister’s engaged! It’s so fun to say those words out loud! So let me tell you about Manda. If I had to describe her in ONE word, it would be HAPPY. She is pretty much always smiling, has the most beautiful long hair ever (that apparently didn’t get passed down to me- no […]

When it rains, sometimes you gotta come up with a back up plan! In this case, Sarah White came up with the idea to do their engagement session in their first home. It was beautiful! I had never done an engagement or couple session at a home before, and LOVED the outcome! This adorable couple […]

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